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Dot Buying Windsor Chairs

W e do not take orders for chairs. However, we do offer for sale the chairs Mike Dunbar makes along with each class. These chairs are sold just as they came off the bench. All the tool marks, layout lines, and glue spills are still present. These chairs need to be sanded and prepped before applying finishing. For that reason we sell them at a substantial discount.

Because we teach some classes only once a year we do not have every type of chair available at all times. You will have to call or email for availability.

We do not ship these chairs. They need to be picked up at The Institute.

We have a special benefit for members of the Royal Orders who have gone pro. We give them a link from our web site. That way potential customers can contact them directly.

Tatman To further promote our students we developed the Tatman. This is the chairmaking equivalent of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. The Tatman is a special brand that can only be used by chairmakers who have trained at The Institute. If you are buying chairs, look for it on the bottom of the seats. The Tatman is our way of vouching for the quality of the training the maker received.

Royal Order Links

Keith Turbitt - Keith Turbitt Windsor Chairs
218 Paris Irons Road - Chepachet, RI - (401) 578-2439

Ralph Quick - The Windsor Chair Shop
307 South Second St. - Historic Clarksville, MO
(573) 242-3700

Joel Jackson - Windsor Chairmaker
20892 Bluehill Pass - Helotes, TX - (210) 695-5661

Mike Willis - Handmade Custom Furniture
910 Hillcrest Ave. - Columbia, TN - (931) 490-1158

William Jenkins - Locust Farm Windsors
P.O. Box 547 - Montross, VA - (804) 493-7777

Jim Tenpenny - Tennessee Windsors
607 Majesty Drive - Murfreesboro, TN - (615) 896-0069

Windsor Chairs by Shawn Murphy
285 Babcock Hill Rd. - Lebanon, CT - (860) 642-6576


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