What Makes H.G. #23 Run?

            The April 11 sack back class wrapped up at about 2:30 last Friday. Today — the following Monday — I am happy to take some time to recover. However, I am aware that I sit here, our 23rd Duke of Windsor and his daughter Liz, who were part of last week’s class, are about to run the Boston Marathon. Their dedication recalls the words from The Windsor Institute’s fight song, sung by our band and pep squad at every athletic contest. Liz and Stewart so epitomize those words that it only proper to quote them. “Ever onward, ever onward, go the Windsor men (and women). Nothing can stop these men (and women) of steel. Each has grit and sex appeal.  Hearts of courage, wills of iron, that’s the

Windsor way…..” 

            H. G. Stewart came to class with both his daughters; Liz and Sarah. Although Sarah is not running in Boston today, she has run the marathon in the past. You can read about the marathoning sisters at the following link.  http://www.seacoastonline.com/articles/20090401-SPORTS-904010305

            We duked His Grace on Thursday afternoon. His wife dropped by to attend the ceremony. A duking is so glorious it has been compared to the upcoming royal wedding in England. H.G. Stewart’s daughters videotaped the duking, so I would be surprised if it’s not already up on Youtube. Duking’s only happen at sack back classes, as that is the requirement for dukedom; to help teach a sack back class.  The shop full of new chairmakers were also new to The Institute’s solemn Royal Orders ceremonies. Those ceremonies are so steeped in tradition and symbolism, those attending for the first time were overwhelmed by the pomp and dignity.

            Another of our traditions is that the new duke demonstrates mounting the bow on the chair; the last demonstration of the class. H. G, Stewart accomplished this with predictable ease, earning himself a round of applause from the students.


                                                * * * *

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