The New Windsor Chronicles

Welcome to the new Windsor Chronicles blog. We at The Windsor Institute are very proud that we keep Windsor chairmaking a living, growing craft. We are equally pleased to keep The Windsor Chronicles up to date. Just as we keep developing Windsor chairmaking within the handcraft tradition, so our method of communicating with you is keeping abreast of technology. The Internet has made all communications better, and we believe it will do the same for Windsor chairmaking.


I do want to take a moment and eulogize the old Windsor Chronicles that for 10 years appeared in your post box every three months. The Chronicles was a genuine phenomenon in woodworking. It also accomplished its stated purpose, to help reestablish Windsor chairmaking as a craft. As the number of chairmakers grew The Chronicles was there to disseminate news about the craft to a growing audience. It told chairmakers about the new techniques developed at The Windsor Institute, about new tools, and new designs. In short, it was the means that kept chairmakers up to date. For those who would like to obtain back issues contact: Lance Silvestris, 1224 Dunham Town Brimfield Road, Brimfield, MA 01010  Phone: 413-245-7761.


The new Chronicles blog has some real advantages for you, and for me. Through this space I can continue to keep chairmakers up to date with the changes in their hobby/career. Because I can post information in almost real time, I can be much more timely and immediate. By the time the old Chronicles was published the events we reported were over. If we were working on a new design, or a new technique you only saw the end result. The new Chronicles blog will keep you right at our elbow as we continue to keep Windsor chairmaking a growing and thriving craft.


The new Chronicles blog will also help me. The old paper Chronicles required two weeks of my time every issue. Taking eight weeks of working time out of every year made it hard for me to do other things. In this new format I can write in short bursts, leaving me free to write magazine articles, develop new chairs, and pursue other activities. In short, this space is a winner for both you  and  me.


I expect to post several times a week. I will continue to write about Windsor chairmaking, The Windsor Institute, tools, techniques, my work, and my thoughts about all of these things.  I invite you to drop by regularly so you don’t miss anything.


By the way, I purposefully chose to make this communication one-way for a reason. Each Windsor chairmaking class at The Institute is a five-day dialog with a group of Windsor chairmakers. I prefer this personal approach. It is far more in depth and if someone does not understand something, it can be clarified on the spot.


You can still email me if you have questions, but remember that I have limited time and my responses may be brief.