How many times have you said “I’d love to take a chair class, but that date just doesn’t work for me?” Then, this one’s for you. I’m adding something to our annual schedule of  Windsor chairmaking classes that will accommodate you. Now, you can take a  one-on-one class with me  at your convenience.  

            One-on-one has some attractive advantages. With only one person, we can usually make a chair in less time. You can also divide the class into segments. You can make as much of a chair as you have time for. When you can again spare the time you can return and pick right up where you left off.

            In the past, everyone had to take sack back as the first class.  That is because during this class we teach chairmaking.  One-on-one I can teach you the fundamentals while making any chair you choose. In fact, you don’t have to make a chair.  You can choose the subject – for example, finishing with milk paint, sharpening, you name it. We just need to work out the details in advance.

            The fee for one-on-one classes is $500 a day. You can choose to bring someone else.  In that case, the fee is $750.  Bringing someone else is your option. Otherwise, it will be just you and me. I will not have anyone else during your time.