More Recamier News

             The Recamier class wraps up today. Mother Nature pulled an April Fool’s joke on us by dumping six inches of spring snow. We lost two people yesterday. They had long drives and needed to be home by the weekend. They couldn’t afford to get trapped by the snow. Before they left H.G. Woody Leland took them out next to the log area and snapped their pictures. He is a photographer and promised he will PhotoShop them into the class picture.           

            I walked through the door to a situation that will give you a kick.  A blood stained towel was hanging on the wall next to H.G. Lyndon Gallagher.  Shortly before my arrival Lyndon had been working on his arm. This part is J-shaped and heavy.  Lyndon had gripped it in his vise while he worked on a scroll. As he applied pressure, the arm pivoted in the vise and the top came down and whacked him on the head. It broke skin and Lyndon began to bleed profusely.

            Here is another vignette. You can imagine what was going on when H. G. Woody exclaimed triumphantly, “I did it right by making a mistake!”

            Never have I been razzed as much as this week. My wife Susanna informed the class that I had joined a cult. I have – The Shaggs Cult. The Shaggs were a self-taught, all-girl band of three sisters from Freemont, NH.  They cut their album “Philosophy of the World” in 1968. Although they lived in obscurity they have attracted a group of loyal aficionados who love their music.

             Most people think they are hopelessly bad. Being a cult member, I consider their music raw and primitive, but very good. H.G. Dave Watson went to Youtube on his cell phone and played their song “My Pal Foot Foot” for the class. The room broke into a chaos of laughter. The Shaggs jokes have not stopped yet.

                                                            * * * *

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