Is This a Real Chairmaker?

            I’ll let you in on a secret. When I am figuring out what to use in my eNewsletter, I save the so-so stuff for June, July, and August. Why?  During the summer no one is really paying attention to what comes in as email. Everyone is outdoors enjoying the nice weather. For that reason, I don’t waste the really sexy stuff during the summer. I save it for the fall when everyone’s life has returned to normal. You’ll be seeing some of my better stuff in coming months.

            So, imagine my surprise when August eNewsletter generated a tsunami of response. Not only should everyone been at the beach, the picture wasn’t the best of the material I have in the pipeline. All it was a guy sitting on a curb working on a chair with the title, “Is This a Real Chairmaker?” The accompanying text was my assessment of why I thought the photo was posed and the guy wasn’t really working.

            The eNewsletter was no sooner emailed than responses started arriving in my Inbox. Some emails agreed with my assessment while others disagreed. Some people emailed more than once, augmenting their arguments as they thought more about the picture. I responded to a few emails, but quickly reached a point where answering everyone would take too much time.

            I’ll send out the September eNewsletter around the 15th of the month. It is the first of the good stuff I have been saving for fall. After August, I’m afraid of what will happen. I fear my web guy’s server will catch on fire.

* * * *

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