Got a toothache? You should be here.

             The April 11 sack back is in session as I write. Don Harper has just show them how to attach their hand blocks and they are doing that operation. As soon as they are done, I will complete legging up.

            The class is in for a treat tomorrow when we make Lord Stewart Turner the 23rd Duke of Windsor. At that point I will have three dukes on the floor with me, following six last class. I suspect something nefarious is afoot, as I have never had that many dukes here in such a short time. I have noticed that the common element is His Grace Don Harper, who teaches with me.  He has developed a lean and hungry look, and I am keeping an eye on him.

            This class has a decidedly dental theme. Lord Stewart brought his two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah to the class to make chairs. They will also witness his humiliation…. ahhh, duking. H.G. Kurt Rothermel attended with his daughter Kate. Both Kate and Elizabeth are completeing dental school this year and are about to go out into the world to practice. H.G. Kurt is also a dentist, and Don Johnson on vise #3 is a retired dentist. If you have a toothache, this is the class to attend. 

            Yesterday, as I began the legging up process, I made the class Entered Apprentice chairmakers. H.G. Don, Donnie Chesser, Lord Stewart, and H.G. Kurt all watched with grins on their faces. I love the expression in they eyes of sack back students when they experience their first taste of the nuttiness that goes on in our “solemn” ceremonies. Until they catch on that the whoe thing is a spoof, they look stunned; unsure of how the class just took this weird turn. Once they catch on, they join in and the jokes start flying.

            * * * *

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