Balloon Back Chairs

We have completed the secret chair that we have been working on for six months.  Students who have been here during that period have seen bits and pieces of it and so, knew something was in the works.  People who have explored the web site have seen a date listed for a type of chair they did not recognize and they too, suspected we were about to introduce a new chair.  I just completed the finish today and have taken a picture of the chair.  If you drop me an email at I will send you back a copy of that picture.

The chair is known as a balloon back and it dates right around 1800.  Although these chairs were made in most regions, we chose the style made in Boston.  The chair has a crinoline stretcher, which will be new to everyone, and is a nice addition to our Windsor chairmaking program.  This style of chair is generally attributed to Seaver and Frost, a Boston chairmaking partnership.  However, some other chairmakers may have also offered the crinoline stretcher to their clients.

During the class, each student will make a pair of balloon backs.  Because each person is making two chairs the tuition is $900.  I think you are going to like this one.  It sure has excited everyone in the July 23 sack back class, who saw me complete the finish.  Two people immediately signed up for the December 3, 2007 maiden voyage. We will offer it December 1 in 2008.