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Quiet Time

                Our year has it rhythms; an ebb and flow of activity. We book a lot of spots in classes between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Things are also brisk in the early spring as people plan their summer vacations. There is another rush in the late spring of people looking for reservations in fall classes. We also have lulls. In June, as kids are getting out of  school, the phone falls silent. The same thing happens in late August and September as school starts again.

              The quietest time of all starts the day before Christmas and lasts until mid-January. It is understandable why. First, people are celebrating the holidays and then, recovering from them. While in school, this coincided with my son’s winter vacation. As a family we have traditionally kicked back during this time and slept late. I only drop into the office every other day. My son is now in college and his semester break is five weeks. I am taking advantage of this extended period and enjoying it.

However, I am not the type of guy who can just hang out. I do need to keep busy. So, I have begun the seventh book in my eight book series of teenage adventure novels. These books are all in my head, so once I sit down to write I move along at a good clip. In fact, since I began writing in mid-November, I have already produced the first 35,000 words. I expect to complete the rough manuscript before our first class.

Lots of guys in classes ask about this series. I have not yet published it. I plan to complete it first. Then, if I cannot interest a publisher, I will self-publish. Here is a short synopsis of the series I have written for when I start querying. It is the sort of short, snappy summary writers create to catch a publisher’s attention. 

“This eight book series is the story of star crossed teen-aged lovers Mike Castleton and Alexandra Tymoshenko; unable to share a life together because they were born five lifetimes apart. While each book is an adventure that stands alone, the series itself is the larger story.  So, threads run through the series that eventually weave into a tapestry.”

* * * *

            Good news! We have the Green Stuff back in stock. If you have been waiting for an item, you can order it. Green Stuff is the name we use for the green anodized aluminum gauges and devices that hang on ends of the benches. Everyone who has taken a class has used them and is familiar with them. They include: the Incra Stick, the Go Gauge, the Bevel Board, and the No Name Stick. We had run out because the second Mr. Green (our name for the guy who makes the stuff for us) had done the same as the first Mr. Green – gotten too old to keep working. Mr. Green III is young and healthy.

* * * *

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